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CleanTech Region Singapore seeking Chief Executive Officer (CEO) + 4 staff
CleanTech Region is opening a green highway for Swedish CleanTech companies who wants to establish and grow in the South East Asian markets.
Green Highway - Scandinavias green link invites you to the largest Nordic Green Transport conference
Mr Andreas Carlgren, Swedish Minister for Environment, and Maria Wetterstrand, spokesperson for the Green Party are presenting at the conference. Green Highway is a green transport axle that crosses Scandinavia and It is now possible to refuel with electricity and other renewable fuels from coast to coast! This opens new business opportunities for the region´s trade and industry.
Dont look in rear-view mirror
Risk, fear, imagination, intuition and clear objectives. These are the key concepts in the recipe for succes that Ola Wallström wants to apply to the CleanTech sector. "There is a lot to do if we are to develop good business". CleanTech and technology companies are often to technically orientated and focused, instead of presenting and thinking solutions.